Reviews for "Interlocked"


I was a huge fan of this game.

The graphics are clean and the game play is very smooth.
I did not encounter any bugs myself, though it was occasionally frustrating to try to get pieces to slide through some of the tighter tolerances. This however is not something that would naturally occur with realistic 3D puzzles.

Great work, keep it up!

android development

if you made this game for the android i would download / buy it, i really like it and it relaxes me

Great Puzzle Game :)

Every Hardcore level I averaged about 25 minutes each :) although some may also have been shorter or longer than others... It took me 2 hours to beat the hardcore levels... I know that is quite awhile but I accomplished it :) I must head to sleep now it is 11:36 pm :)
I tip my hat to the person who designed the levels of this great flash game :)
My personal favorite was level 18! Took some thinking but was rather less complex than I had thought for about 25 minutes of scrambling what goes where... I figured it out and than beat the last 2 levels in about 35 minutes :)

Well Designed Puzzle Game :) 5/5 10/10


This game is incredibly engrossing and very relaxing. My only minor niggles are that you can 'break' a puzzle because of the tiny distances you can wiggle each piece and cause conflicts that are tricky to fix and often require restarting the level, and the somewhat unintuitive inputs for the mouse, which can often cause those minor nudges because you wanted to piece to go in a different direction. But otherwise an absolutely top-notch piece of gaming, very worthy of front page.

4-5 hour time killer caution!

Great game had me stuck playing for a long time, i beat all 14 levels without cheating.(but after that i wasn't compelled to play cause i was worried i'd get sucked in even more)

It was great with the exception of i'd rather have this thing ordered to my front door step, none the less didn't stop me from playing.