Reviews for "Interlocked"

hard and fun

this game is truly a puzzle lover's dream game, and it does scream "PORT ME TO iOS!!!"

do it pleaze!!! i would love to have this game on my ipod!

Wonderful game! Make another!

I loved this game. Not only where the graphics wonderful and the music soothing, but the puzzles really gave my brain a work out, which is very hard to do. The only thing I think you should do though, is work on the space bar a bit. I find it a bit too touchy when I was switching tools.

Exellent game xD

it's good to practice the "spatial inteligence", have fun and relax xD
the background music helps a lot on the third thing xD

really well done!! congratulations!!

awesome! :D

Challenging as hell buy addictive!

Very cool