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Reviews for "Interlocked"

Exellent game xD

it's good to practice the "spatial inteligence", have fun and relax xD
the background music helps a lot on the third thing xD

really well done!! congratulations!!


For this fantastic game!
It has many great details i'd like to mention.
-The music was indeed very relaxing, setting a nice mood to the game, helping you chill and concentrate on the puzzle. Also did not seem repetitive at all, which is hard to manage.
-The design. It wasn't anything fancy, with tons of details. It was nice and simple. Easy colors to distinguish each piece. And everything perfectly clear. The interface, the menu, the "selection gizmo"... =) Having the axis show always the same color and rotate with the puzzle was also very nice. Making it quite player friendly, to put it one way.
-The controls. Just perfect! Completely intuitive. Giving the option of toggling between rotate or pull, or holding spacebar down for a quick movement/sight.
Also loved how it first let you easily choose what axis you were going to move the piece on, instead of just guessing and moving straight away.
-The programming. Very nice job here. Movement was smooth, menu worked perfectly. No jerks at all. A nice acceleration and deceleration when moving a piece. Pieces interacted perfectly, and as a bonus, we even got a little noise whenever the piece hit something. Seriously, kudos on this!
-And last but not least, the puzzles. Very entertaining. Very easy at first, but with a nice build up of complication. (Although in my opinion numbers 11,12,13 were harder than #14, but this is just a side note.) As other people have said, instead of making you frustrated, you felt determined to finish the puzzle, with the final objective of finishing the puzzle, and to feel 10 times as smart. ;)

All in all, this game deserves no less than 10/10, and 5/5. =)
Good luck and thanks for the game! Keep it up!

Cheers! ^^

PS: Sorry about the long review. =P

Great but bothersome controls.

Controls are iffy - blocks edges bite into one another too easily so all the moves and shifting are very annoying to make.


very good but is a tiny bit too hard for those so impatient as I who give up after two minutes.

holy cows in a basket of straw

just simply wow :o
if i had to make a list with best ng games of all time this would be in it. it doesnt bore, keeps you busy and instead of annoying if you cant win it makes you more determined.
furthermore its easy to control and looks nice
deffinately a 10 out of 10