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Reviews for "Interlocked"


Pretty nice game... the one thing it's missing is an "Angrily-Throw-On-The-Floor" option...

It was good

Until I reached level 14 and the blocks went completely spastic right before I solved it. The game is a great concept but I believe it still needs some serious debugging.

good job

i found the game to be really god but i come a cross a bug and puzzel 7 the blocks where glitched inside eachouther and i couldent do anything but beside thae fackl of that over all really neat not to hard but still had you think about it

I do like it.

But what i dont like is how you have a walkthrough. Im pretty smart if i may so so myself, so i didnt require it, but the thing with walkthroughs is, if you look at it once, you cant help but use it for every little thing slightly challenging afterwards. It takes away the fun and challenge, and really, what makes this a puzzle game. Im glad you dont have medals, cuz that would just be giving away a prize for very little effort, which isnt going to happen in the real world where there is no walkthrough. The point of these puzzle games (to me) is to stimulate the mind, make think like it never has before. Perhaps instead of a full-out walkthrough, you could have a certain amount of 'freebies' which does the next move for you. That way you advance, without ruining the entire game.

What I did like was how the difficulty got a little harder each time. And you actually have a SEPERATE place for the more hardcore puzzlers.
Anyway, decent work, keep it up.

Excellent game

I logged on to write this review, which I almost never do. I love this game. The graphics are excellent, the collision detection is superb and I just overall think this game was created with outstanding effort.

Thanks so much for making this. I hope you make a sequel. :)