Reviews for "Interlocked"

In level 12, some of the pieces obstruct the white cube, when they should not. I'm guessing this is to make the player solve it in a specific way. Any way is possible, Portal series showed us this. Other than that, it's a pretty OK game.

Once you win this, you feel like a genius. The game is amazing, diffcult, but enjoyable enough that you don't get too frustrated to play. The music fits the game perfectly, and is relaxing. In my opinion, the only thing you could change is to make the levels bigger, but since that would mean completely redoing the game, I guess we'll have to hope for an Interlocked 2. Thanks for making such an amazing game, Nikita and Dragy.

It is good but controls are too finicky. I try to pull something that should just come out and if I move the cursor just a hair too far it won't move.

every time i try and play its done loading but an add goes over the center of the game and i cant do anything