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Reviews for "Interlocked"


Though it does not fit the genre of Newgrounds, I am not complaining one bit. This is one of the finest games I've seen on this site. It's well put together in both animation, programing, controls, and just about everything else! Keep up the good work!

That's different

I really have no idea how this game works but at least I was able to get past the first level. This is a great game because it is extremely innovative and looks for something new. The music is nice and soothing as well. The coolest part was being able to look at every single so you knew every way you could get out of it. This is something that Math majors do in their spare time and I am not one of them.
While there is not a detailed background, it certainly delivers.

It is amazing how many designs you can come up with for this game. I think a lot of people would not want to play it only because it is so hard! It does still bring about a great sense of wonder and awe to the player. There are so many parts and it makes you realize how each part is valuable, kind of like the parts of a watch. Yeah, I know that's cliched.


this game pisses me off tha controlls on it suck if u could sum how alter tha controlls it be preddy cool tho


this game is very unique & calming. its got a great spin on your typical puzzle game. the music is very calming, yet delightful! (it feels like ive heard it before). this really racked my brain, as i had to look at each puzzle for a few minutes at a time to figure out where to even begin!

5/5 10/10

Captivating and fun!

This was a really original concept for a flash game on this sight, or at least I haven't played anything similar on Newgrounds. If I could make two suggestion though:
(1) I would have enjoyed the option to zoom in and out a little, I just think it would've made some of the sliding a little easier.
(2) There should be an option to turn the models into wireframes if you're taking a long time on a particular puzzle. I just think it would help being to see any hollow gaps that are hidden from sight.