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Reviews for "Interlocked"

The idea for the game is great by itself, but the game has one super-annoying bug that ruins it. It may happen that while playing the level the pieces will simply get stucked one in another and the level becomes unsolvable. It is possible to "unbug" some of them, but still some of them are so stucked that you have to replay the whole level. If it was one of the easier ones - no big deal, but if it is one of those more complicated ones... Whole star taken away because of that issue.


Amazing game :) I love the music even more. It's a shame its not available for download on NG :(


When I was a child I got a little 25 cent trinket from a coin machine. I had no idea what it was, it was a little barrel with all sort of colors from it no bigger then an inch in length. I thought the toy was inside, so I started to fiddle with it. After about 30 minutes I managed to remove one of the pieces and realized they all could be removed. another hour an a half goes by until I've completely dismantled it. There was nothing inside and was very disappointed and threw it away. Over the years I thought about this random childhood memory and realized that was probably the most fun I've had doing any sort of puzzle, regardless of reward and deeply regret throwing it away. I've seen similar wooden puzzles but I could never find a puzzle parallel to that 25 cent trinket since then. However your game has offered me some comfort in the matter, Although it was a much better experience to do it physically by hand, your version was crafted very well and offers many different varieties and I was VERY exited to play it.

I would defiantly say make more levels! I loved this game with all my heart as explained above. The only problem I had was some blocks glitched out and got stuck inside each other so I had to restart, but it only happened once.

P.S. On one puzzle, I noticed I could slide a piece downward, which let me move all the other pieces down significantly far as well. I thought I was on to something until 2 minutes pass and I realized I was just moving the whole structure down on piece a time lol. I thought that was funny.

good game sir