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Reviews for "The End of Earth"

For kazumazkan

Song is called Kernkraft 400 and its by Zombie Nation.

Hildebrandt, I really enjoyed the flash. I liked it mainly because all I've ever drawn with on the computer was MSPaint, lol, and I understand how time consuming it is. It gives this flash a very retro look, and it's a nice feeling pondering of the past sometimes.

The alien invaders were bad-ass looking, and seem to be inspired by Halos Elite Covenant race, the weapons and propulsion system were powered the familiar blue plasma energy as well. I don't mind this, but for flash reviewing purposes I need to give a -1 for slight unoriginality on that part. Last pet peve of mine is that (you?) turned into superman and destroyed the Alien mother ship right? Same negative point for that one too simply because I have a bias against superman. 4/5

Hildebrandt responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review!
I never played that game, so I am not to blame ;P I worked without any concept this time, so everything you saw was totally random.
Cheers, H.


i liked most aspects of it, the techno music was great, but the pixel affect doesn't really appeal to me. all aroud great otherwise.


Nicely made, the animations were quite smooth. I had to turn off the music though.

Hildebrandt responds:

Why is that?


Earth was pretty lucky there was a super saiyan among them at the time.
Wouldn't you say so?

Hildebrandt responds:

Blessed is he, who drinketh alot of steaming, black, hot coffee; is what I say, good sir.

It was... different °_°

Good animations, but a bit short for my taste and the story was kinda poor, funny indeed but poor. I really loved the pixelous style: I bet this could be converted in a really awesome flash game.