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Reviews for "The End of Earth"

Looks cool man

Video game sprites are garbage, but custom sprites look pretty good. I'm curious exactly what your process is for making these.

Hildebrandt responds:

Drinking lots of cofee and then going apeshit. I didn't work with a concept :D Thanks for your review.


too short make a longer versoin for more lolz

Hildebrandt responds:

I'd love to, but animation is very time consuming.

Zombie Nation FTW

The song worked out for a flash with no zombies in it, the perspective worked great btw.

this was awsome

when the aliens flicks his tongue at the beginning it looked like venoms tongue, the mothership looked like the pillar of autum and the scene where the small ships were flying between buildings looked like star wars. this was freakin epic

please ignore typos

Hildebrandt responds:

Know what, the pillar of autumn is the only bigger space ship I know, but when I made this, I wasn't thinking about it at all... Oo
You're right...
It is funny how one draws something and thinks that it's original and in the end it's only something the brain has remembered and reproduces...

Color me fucking surprised

I almost backspaced within the first 10 seconds then I was like, oh this song is awesome, I'll give this animation some more time. I'm glad I did, I didn't expect the parody. Awesome!

Hildebrandt responds:

Hehe, yeah, it started a little slow ;)