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Reviews for "The End of Earth"


you read user written reviews.

Hildebrandt responds:

I sure do :D
First, there are many people who say very nice things about my films and that makes me feel good.
And second, a few people give a shit about constructive citicism and tell me HOW FUCKIN SHITTY AND BAD my films are, and that amuses me even more (some people are very creative in insulting).
Greetings, H.

Zombie Nation! lol

If pissed off people could focus their complaining into actual power like this, I wonder how the world will turn out?

Wow....I don't really want to think about that. Some of those people are major dicks.

Color me fucking surprised

I almost backspaced within the first 10 seconds then I was like, oh this song is awesome, I'll give this animation some more time. I'm glad I did, I didn't expect the parody. Awesome!

Hildebrandt responds:

Hehe, yeah, it started a little slow ;)


The Flash was cool, but the Alain/monster sprites look familiar... did you make them or did you find them from something else...?

Hildebrandt responds:

I drew everything myself, as god is my witness. Sprites that have been copied are extremely gay and I am puzzeled where you think that you could have seen those animations. They are from my brain.

Deus ex machina

Great animation but i think you might have cut it a little short. (you might have planned it this way but, whatever) 'Story' aside the animation was pretty fluid and only had one or two glitches. Repeats were obvious but still, it was funny. Guy's face was hilarious, and of course my favorite part is where he reveals his secret weapon.(NO not the energy beam, his almighty middle finger.

If people get upset about spoilers while reading reviews they shouldn't read the reviews first -Reaplay