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Reviews for "The End of Earth"

That made me say WTF

Although I don't usually like flashes that do that, something about the pixels and the music and the random guy with super powers made me actually enjoy this one. Congrats!

My only advice would be to perhaps clean up some of the animations or smooth it out a bit at least. Hint: the crowd

i like'd it

in every aspect, great art, music, animation, and history too u.u


It wasn't bad but I couldn't find a way to enjoy the flash. Maybe it was my computer but the music cut off after the first scene. I also would have liked to hear voices but again it may have jsut been my computer. After that some of the pixel characters and backgrounds seemed under developed and looked kinda sucky. This next part is more opinion so don't take it to heart but it's getting kinda old with the whole aliens come, they're more powerful than us, yadda yadda destroy cities because they're highly populated; though the one thing to me that really seemed stupid was the pissed off guy. This is more of a douche pointing out the obvious but why the fuck would he wait after the aliens destroyed part of the city; if he had those powers and shit why didn't he just blow them out of the sky, and why is he the only one with the freaking powers. To finish, it seemed like it would be a serious flash from the beginning and sadly it turned out to be a WTF one with a poor ending, but other than that the pixalation wasn't bad and some of the backgrounds were pretty good, I think it just needs a better plot with better development. Again this is just an opinion of some douche bag who likes write a lot. :D


Alien one: I want that cow to die.
Alien two: How sir?
Alien one: I don't care how you do it, just do it!
Kills the cow with a bomb.

Strangely unusual

The motions were very smooth, and the pixel art combined with the techno remix
( originally zombie nation's oh oh whoa if anyone's curious) went well together.