Reviews for "The Moops - Combos of Joy"


Though I'm afraid level 33 may have been just a little too challenging for most...

I apparently got the 3rd highest score of all time without actually beating it (lvl 33 that is)... which leads me to believe only two people have taken the time/effort/skill to do so.

You may want to look at that.

Excellent Game!

As a game developer I have got to say Excellent Game! This has everything it takes to be a very popular title. I dont normally enjoy flash games (ironically), but I did this one. It has nice friendly art for all ages and this game appeals to everyone.


Superb from beginning to end!


Well done. Great enjoyable game. Very nice sounds and animation


Definitely a game that will keep you playing for a very long time. Very addicting, yet kind of frustrating at the same thing. Cool game man!