Reviews for "The Moops - Combos of Joy"


THis is an awesome game. i hate running out of ammo. The Music was good. The Concept was great. nice effort you put into this awesome game

Loved it.

I would of gave it a 10 if the game didn't freeze on me twice. It wasn't the internet that was the problem so don't blame that. The characters you hit were frozen in mid air when I hit them but the game wouldn't continue. So any-who, it has a little buggy but its still a great game.

P.S. It was level 18 that froze on me, just in case you might have to fix it. :)

heavyboat responds:

Thanks! All issues fixed now.

Level 30 required perfect timing and/or luck

I never beat it. Got bored with it.

But almost all levels before that could be beaten in a under 5 tries easily

A few bugs

I don't know why, but quite a few times it'd tell me I was out of ammo even though I had 3-5 left; this put a big damper on it :\ Otherwise very nice game

heavyboat responds:

This issue have been fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience,


This game defeated my own sadness ^___^
it's awesome and not wery hard, first time playing i beat 32 levels out of 40.
Sound effects of laugh also is good.