Reviews for "The Moops - Combos of Joy"


I have never used flash to make things before so I don't actually know specifically how to fix this but it seems like your aren't grouping events together correctly. Like the fact that there are two ball counters (so if you "run out of ammo" before you actually run out, that's why), sometimes blocks get moved but not deleted and you can bug it out to have infinite balls by shooting blocks while your combo is still going on.
I thought it was a lot of fun but at some point I couldn't get past the level because it kept saying I was out of ammo early.

It's awesome.

The gameplay kinda reminds me of Peggle.


Gameplay: I love these sort of games were it start's of easy then gets to the point were you can burn your pc. Controls are straight foward, The art is good, nothing really more to say

Sound: The effects were good, it gives the impression of a serious game but a fun one at the some time.

Overall: Worth playing till the end see if you can beat it. Loved it

Super Fantastic!

I normally HATE physics games, but I reluntantly tried this one just as a lovin gamer. This is BY FAR the best Physics game I have ever played. Great Job seriously.

Thoroughly Enjoyed

This game made me feel so good inside.