Reviews for "The Moops - Combos of Joy"

Great game, but....

It's get to hard in the end...

I think I broke it...

Awesome game. Started level 33 and was firing like crazy next second I'm generating about five balls a second. AI is breakable so gonna give it a 9/10. currently on over 400 balls lol.

Very catchy tune! And Fun to Play!

Just shooting the blocks and shapes make me all giggly inside! The gameplay tune reminds me of a Sonic level. Very catchy !

Very well done

The graphics are neat the sound effects are well-synced and the music is perfecly fitting. The only thing I think this game could really use is an acievement system of some sort.

Well done, sir and/or madam

Very good, but there's problems

I like the idea, and the animations are interesting...but it starts getting unnecessarily difficult around level 30. That and it's far too easy to confuse the game AI (I've had several "No Ammo, Try Again" messages while I still had one or two shots left).