Reviews for "CSI: Minecraft"

Really really wish it was longer

Great style, animation, voices, punchline - i only with it was longer, i was hoping for an entire episode or something!


The style complimented the animation very well as did the smooth animation. This a brilliant parody and was very funny, excellent work dude!

from my view ...

The Ending was funny and yes many people who played minecraft hates the creepers and yea ... anyone who was going to play ... it will make sense with this flash video but to those who doesn't play minecraft I would not want anyone to say this video doesn't make sense because you never played this game ... but to me if you play it or not I would like you all to watch this flash vid before commenting stupid things (as I did saw many did on youtube)


great allthough im kinda pissed cos 3 creepers just blew up the new sector to my hospital i build in minecraft ( it was called the creeper ward ironicly ) this is true im not making this up... i build a new creeper ward in my mc hospital and some terroist creepers somehow came in my building ¬.¬

Falconer02 responds:

It happens to the best of builders. I've lost a lot of good structures due to them. Fallen into a lot of lava because of them too.

OMG epic

I am so doing this in Minecraft the next time someone nearly dies from a creeper
I will even play music as I say it XD

Falconer02 responds: