Reviews for "CSI: Minecraft"


Overall: 3/5 : 7/10

Audio: 08/10
Animation: 08/10
Plot: 5/10

You'll have to bare with me here as im ridiculously hung-over...
The voice acting was quite nice although just the tiniest bit more would make the voice acting perfect, a lack of ambient sounds sorta removes depth from your flash and it looses its appeal.
It's actually a good tip to write down, sound is your friend, don't be afraid to use ambient sounds to help give depth to your work.

The Animation was nice and smooth, but the hard thing to judge about here is that I'm not sure if your trying to go for the authentic minecraft look, or a minecraft-like look.
with the characters having no hands, the creeper looking perfect and the scenery + clouds at the end of the animation, It tells me that your trying to replicate the game's look, but then you go the completely opposite direction with the square/triangle eyes, the bendy body and most importantly, the mine where some of the scenery wasn't in block-form at all, which made the animation part was hard to judge, I have no idea what look your trying to go for...

The plot, well, title anyways was completely irrelevant to the plot of this flash.
the only thing that links the title to the actual animation is at the very end and in the credits it says "CSI: Minecraft"
You do know that CSI is a criminal/mystery tv program right?
and yet, this flash has none of that, which is why the title is really irrelevant.
The sudden ending surprised me also, I was under the impression that the flash was going to continue and hopefully tell more of a story apart from "ow, a creeper blew up on me"
"Creeper? sounds like you got creeped out" -Ending.

In the end, this was a good flash in terms of the quality, worth watching? hmmmmmm I guess if your bored, but to be honest its a single-pun flash thats irrelevant to it's own title.
You have a nice animating style and the quality in both the drawing and the sound was beautiful.
Keep up the good work, just work on your plot and story-lines.

Not really what I'd call front page material.

Falconer02 responds:

Cool review. To explain tho-
Sound- Minecraft isn't very ambient with sound effects when you're in a cave or indoors. It's very basic. Creepers don't even make sounds until you're up close. Though there was cave ambience and the explosion was edited to sound better.

Animation- Blocky is the look, but to make things look fluid, one needs to squash and stretch. Thus the bendiness of the characters.

Plot- Plot? It's Minecraft! There's no plot to minecraft except build and survive. This joke happened in our private server and it was hilariously awful, so I told it as it happened in this cartoon and people seem to like it. That's really all I was trying to portray. Perhaps the title is somewhat misleading?

Though I think you're overthinking it a bit, this is still a great review. Good read. Thank you, and enjoy the wine!


"Sounds like you got a little, KREEPED OUT." (epic music)


To Funny " Sounds like you got a little creped out."

Can Minecraft ever be anything other than a win?

Cause i know your animation was!

Ahhh i love MC and i even love those creeperssssssssss.... *BOOM*

Never mind >_>
But yea i thought that was pretty funny but ive stopped playing minecraft cause two servers i had worked on for hours each stopped letting me log in and I still havent found a solution so oh well D:

Well everyone, Good Mining!


Not nearly as good as "Minecraft Misadventures", and if i gave that a 10, it wouldn't be fair if i gave this one, but it was still good (good audio, art, etc).