Reviews for "CSI: Minecraft"

hahaha nice

But I think the punch line would've been much funnier if it was another creeper, instead of TNT

I enjoyed it.

A funny, well animated short. Very nice job.

Falconer02 responds:

Thank you!

lol minecraft

It is a great stylish animation but you need stronger jokes. The flash being based on real events is all good and well but its a little too simple... embellish the story or add more in future flashes and they will be great. Hope to see more.

Falconer02 responds:

Thanks, mate. Admittedly this is a stupid joke as it was in the server, but nonetheless it had me cracking up when it happened. That was kind of the point with the tnt and all! Again, thanks for the great review!

:D lol

That was good, I lol'd hard.

Thank you for the hard lolling.

I love Minecraft

You did a great job with sound, and animation. Hope to see more videos from you.