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Reviews for "kick-A-mime"

pretty boring and unoriginal

Distance games are getting old and this one is badly made anyway with seemingly not much effort put into it. I only tried at in the first place becouse I misread the title for kick-A-miNe! Now wouldn't THAT be awesome? And such a game even could go with the same author comments - with just one letter replaced (ie. mime for mine).

It's not bad.

For the most part, the animations are smooth. Although, there are occasions where the mime will not stay in the center of the frame as the results are posted. The objects aren't quite spaced enough. I often see something like the crib directly next to a fire hydrant, which is right next to a cow, thus, game over. Also, sometimes the background frame will shift to a black screen, making the mime look like he's just gliding around in nothing, while in reality, he's still hitting objects as they make noise. Just brush up on various bugs and this should be a fairly decent minigame.

Kinda ok

It IS amusing to kick the poor mime and whatch him fly with that pitifull face, howerver this game is completly luckbased as to weeather you'll hit somthing to will send you flying further or somthing that will outright stop you which is quite anoying when you reach a fast speed only to be stoped by water thingy (can't seem to recall i'ts nae), that said and done it is imensly humorous when the poor mime gets his head stuck up a cow's ass.

Not bad...

But you're competing with the likes of Toss The Turtle when you put out a game like this. It's going to take more to make us love it.

For instance, a number of times I was going extremely fast and went right through a bonus, but because of my speed I skipped past it rather than collecting it. And it would be nice if the amount of money we've collected were visible on the screen for each run.

Also the mime looks really goofy when bouncing very short distances.