Reviews for "Emo Vs. Happiness"


This game is very addicting and fun, and I appreciate you using one of our songs.

RainbowHorse responds:

Well, the song was so good we had to use it :)

epic shooter mon

well this was fun, but short. you were lucky for getting such a great theme.

RainbowHorse responds:

Thanks, the theme did give us quite alot of playing room :)


the double rainbow mans head will explode when he sees double rainbow shooping da woop

RainbowHorse responds:

Pritty sure it already did :P

Good Game

I honestly don't see why everyone hates it I found it really enjoyable!

RainbowHorse responds:

Thank you, just wish there weren't so many trollers on NG :(


this is an awsome game for emos (im a emo) the music can be very irratating DESTROY HAPPINESS!!!!!! if only it was real