Reviews for "Emo Vs. Happiness"

looks like you took about 15 mins to make the game

2 stars for sucessful completion of a working product, negative 8 stars for the game play being stupid easy. The whole game takes about three minutes to finish, and while normally a fan of top down shooters, this one managed to put me into a gamer coma with the boredom. Once you get past the first three or four power ups the rest of the game consists fo scrolling back n forth in a tight pattern and spreadshotting the whole screen every half second. I'd say make it a level-up type game with some kind of power up and I would have really enjoyed it.

It's fun but bad.

Good Idea and fun game, but (a force) it's bad.

that's it

eh, it was kinda fun... then it was over. it could use at least two more bosses or planes that could do damage.


Very fun but I have one question what if I didnt want to be emo? what if i want an orb thing that gives me health instead having stuff hit me and I lost so much. Example: 100% Oof! I just got hit by a butterfly 3% D:<


why does everyone picture emos with black hair? im pretty sure that's racist :C