Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

this is sweet.

easily one of the best entries in the contest. remarkably well-done for a 72-hour effort, you guys rock. the soundtrack was cool, the gameplay was cool (especially how you could change formations to adapt to your situation), and the concept was executed in a vividly colorful manner.

They're in My HEAD!

Expand upon it.

It was made in three days, right? This was a thrill to behold in Full-Screen Mode, and the formation concept is something that will be ripped off by everyone else who sees it in action. Might as well take the hint and see if this can become a shooter with tons of levels, faster pace, or what have you.

Congratulations. This is likely the best of the crop from NG Game Jam 3.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

i wont expand on the formation idea in the near future, maybe the far future though

Have been a while

It have been a while since I played a planes game with any good innovation. And its with bugs I love that.


really great game and one of the very few great plane games make a second one with like bees and a doctor or bee catcher

love the gameplay

this is my first review and i have been on the site for years. the fact that the different formations were even an option and useful, just wow