Reviews for "Butcherbugs"

A trippy game for a trippy game jam theme.

And a kick ass classic arcade shoot em up Too! I loved the various shooting formations you can choose from with a game like this. I don't think I've seen it before but I gotta say this game is epic!

Good god. What a great 30 minutes.

There's nothing like free association to stir creativity.

I loved the formations, the 'lives' system and the neurons' effect on strategy. Great gameplay. The graphics were top notch and the music is going into my playlist. I wish this were longer and more fleshed out but this was a great exercise in creativity.

!!!TIP!!! There is a maximum number of each enemy set for each stage of the game so, to avoid being overwhelmed, destroy any neuron walls between you and the bosses. Leave any walls that are not obstructing access to the boss alone and no more will respawn in front of you.

i died on the final boss (frontal lobe) because they were too many enemies and neurons.


The formnation concept was good, but there were so many things on screen that the only logical choice was the first one.


Nice way to knock over a butcher