Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

love it

At first, this plays like an easy throw-back to sidescrolling bite-em-ups with some fun additions, like the stun attack and the power up abilities. But, after you realize that dying once puts you back at square one and then introduce enemies that can stun you as well, it becomes more stragitic and, at imes, frustrating. (Like, your on the penultimate level and then you misjudge a jump, fall to your death, and suddenly your surrounded by powerful enemies but at level one power.) Still, good game with some great animation. And, yes, a sequel would be cool.

This really is an awesome game, I am highly impressed by your skills in creating it in 3 days time. I have only one complaint, being an OCD freak and all. Is it possible you can fix the "Beat Level 3" medal?

Name's hilarious.

hehe Saw mr beans pciture in the mid level

hehe meaty *boner*