Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

Castlvania meets Decap-attack.

I like it, but how do you kill the boss? Any hints?

really fun game

i liked the characters and the design. Is really hard to control the characetr when you have collected l the wolves in the game

PS: Not enough cock jokes

dot dot dot.

Contrail and stranth are important indeed.

nice reference. lol at the game.

...but flaccid!

Hahahahahah, I loved it!
The name and the theme are still making me laugh!! :D

I can't believe I died on the nearmost last level... But in the end, the game is evenly challenged, so there are chances for finishing the game without a shitload of effort.
A relaxing game, still love it, might play it again some time....
Keep up the good work, guys, this is probably the best 3-day game I've ever played. :)

Like the game...

I like the game, but the level 3 medal is broken :( That gets my boner down!

But besides that, the game is rather fun and good for a few minutes. Hope you will make a sequel!