Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

Great game!

Did you make dot dot dot refrences

some things are missing

you could make it so that you can even get MEATIER! and im getting sick of dying on a really late level then restarting as a no-meat.

by the way, JAZZA did the voice? its kinda hard to do that kind of voice. for me, anyway

Way too easy

Great animation, voice work great also. The story could be enhanced just a tad, considering 3 days work, was good. But the game was way too easy, i suggest harder difficulties.

Worst name ever!! XD

Great game but you should have thought again before calling it "Meaty BONER!"
Really disturbing XP

Castlvania meets Decap-attack.

I like it, but how do you kill the boss? Any hints?