Reviews for "Flaming Camel"

decent game

but you lose a lot of points for typically american racism.
I mean come on, suicide bombers in a desert?
so lame. i quit playing before i saw osama as the last boss. dissapointing
I'm canadian and i get really tired of the whole "terrorist bomber" stereotype.
It's a lame move, not a funny joke, and 9/11 was ten fucking years ago. get over it.
Decent game though, i have to give you that. pretty well done up!
Drop the racist shit next time and you have yourself a winner!


Not the best, gets boring too easily

It's a great game but...

I made up to 166 kills and NOTHING else happen. Just ran around like a retarded camel hoping to hump punch some thing. No one came. Guess I was to scary to play the game.


Time to fix some thing buddy.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

haha ye, this was discovered just recently, I've never actually managed to kill 166 myself! So had no idea if the wave logic (which changes at that point) works beyond that..obviously it doesn't!

I guess you beat the game!
Sorry 'bout that!

Good art and decent music

However, the gameplay itself did get very dull after about a minute.


I agree with moochimoochi b4 me.