Reviews for "Flaming Camel"


Honestly I thought this was going to be another horrible game for the game jam, but to my surprise it wasn't! And for a game made in 72 hours even better! I wonder what the games you make for months are like..

Okay to the point, Great game.
Keep up the great work ;)


you should a huge story to it and bosses!


I can't believe you managed to make such a great game in 72 hours when so many of the other teams made ridiculously bad games!
The music was perfect for the theme. The art was good. Everything overall was great!
Honestly, you should pursue making this into an entire side scrolling game.

nice game

fun game, enemies are interesting and attacks are cool, but it's really only good for a few minutes before it gets old, so if a full version is going to be made it would be a lot better. BTW in the description it says "destryoing"

Fuck Mubarakª

Get Out Of Egypt Motha F"ckaaaaaa

Anyway Great Game