Reviews for "Flaming Camel"


Not the best, gets boring too easily


a fun game not the best but very interesting except i suck at this and only got 146


You see, there wasn't really anything exciting about the game. You get the full extent of everything that was created in this game in less than five minutes. Otherwise, it's nifty. Not too hard. The jump button is useless.

A Wee Brawler?

Well if you're looking for a brawler game, then try using some creatures from Egypt's mythology. You've already got a big-ass Camel. Make a Hawk, Cow, Mummy, Cat, and whatever else you can think of. And either have them all fight, or aid eachother in defeating Mubarak! SMASH THE EGYPTIANS FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!!

Random Title

First time out I stood in the rain thinking camel + water = more health... I would definitely change the priest's attacks but whatever it's only mildly confusing.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

He's no normal camel, he's a *flaming* camel!