Reviews for "Flaming Camel"


At first, I laughed my head off. Then after like 2 minutes, it got old. VERY FAST. Needs level basis and upgrades for me to even want to play this.

buuug :(

xertiv is right, i came to 166 too but then nothing happened and i suddenly began loosing large portions of my health and died, fix inc plix, while the bug is there is it prolly a 6/10, nice graphics cool gameplay but lacks healing and bug fixes

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

I honestly have to say im honoured and impressed you guys actually managed to and play to 166 kills :p A fix for this is on my to do list. I probably won't bother update this with health pickups, will leave this as it is, as a show what was done in the 3 days and jsut expand upon it in a bigger game where I'll add the pickups.

Not bad

Prety nice but...WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU HEAL????

It's a great game but...

I made up to 166 kills and NOTHING else happen. Just ran around like a retarded camel hoping to hump punch some thing. No one came. Guess I was to scary to play the game.


Time to fix some thing buddy.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

haha ye, this was discovered just recently, I've never actually managed to kill 166 myself! So had no idea if the wave logic (which changes at that point) works beyond that..obviously it doesn't!

I guess you beat the game!
Sorry 'bout that!

Camel Punch!

Your character design and development is awesome. I would like to see this as a platformer, and not just an arena battle.