Reviews for "Flaming Camel"

Really Glitchy On My Mac

It has great graphics and music and tons of other things. It was done nicely done in 72 hours. However, i couldn't move with out it glitching and making me keep going that way.

Awesome fun :)

Awesome art, Fun Gameplay (haven'd heard the sound yet as I don't have speakers
at work) crazy cool all round.

Can't believe this was done in 72 hours. Excellent job! LOVE the hump punch :)

@Panachinator - The programmer is English. If you read the brief you'd realise it is topical to the recent protest in Egypt - 9/11 has nothing to do with it. If anything, your comment a good example of terrible misplaced Political Correctness.


decent game

but you lose a lot of points for typically american racism.
I mean come on, suicide bombers in a desert?
so lame. i quit playing before i saw osama as the last boss. dissapointing
I'm canadian and i get really tired of the whole "terrorist bomber" stereotype.
It's a lame move, not a funny joke, and 9/11 was ten fucking years ago. get over it.
Decent game though, i have to give you that. pretty well done up!
Drop the racist shit next time and you have yourself a winner!


The artwork is excellent, the gameplay is fun and it's programmed well. The sfx and music are also great. Quite an impressive game for such a short amount of time spent on it.
What it really needs though is a high scores and possibly medals, so there's more motivation to keep playing.