Reviews for "Flaming Camel"

Is it just me or....

Is it just me or does that music sound kind of like that Jewish song hava nagila (however it's spelled), which I usually remember because of a parody I heard "Have a banana" (have a.... banana, have a.... banana, have a.... banana, don't, eat the peel!)

Well, the fist that comes out the back, that's hilarious. Kind of reminds me of Trogdor's big beefy arm. Well, at least you didn't create a hero that was a fighting camel that uses kicking-based attacks, because then you might have been inclined to name him "Camel-toe". Or even worse, redesign the character from being a Dr.Jekyllish sort of muscle camel to a disturbing furry with an alluring feminine figure (and hopefully her pants wouldn't be too tight).

Whew, the controls are kind of unpleasant. In my opinion, you should have the attacks use the home, end, page up and page down buttons. And boundaries as to what is in range of whose attacks are very, very, very unclear. Half the time I wasn't even sure if I was getting hurt from something or other and then it was game over and I said "huh, I guess I died somehow".

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah, I realise there's a distinct lack of reaction to when the player got hit, there's a faint sound but other then that, no real reaction. One of the many things that never made it in on time!

For the controls I also prefer to move the player with my left hand, but then home/ pgUp buttons vary in layout quite often so its a safer bet to go
WASD + arrows, or maybe the option to customise controls would be an idea for an expansion to the game?

Not idea what you where talking about in that middle paragraph :p


nice game dude

great graphics and song too it goes smoothly wit thw game also pretty good game mde in 72 hours loved it but the rain cloud end me so fast u should work on that

nice effort

Its decent for a game, pretty good for a 72 hour game.
My one big problem is the "rain" attack one of the enemies use. It is almost an instant game over when that gets cast on you. I was in the middle of a punch and couldn't run out in time.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah, I wasn't quick enough to get all the features planned for it, so a big flaw is lack of ability to get your health back, making death by rain pot luck at later stages :( or I could add a delay before ti starts to damage.

Cheers for the review!

Great Job!!

I really love this game! The background and player are so well done. I also think the music was perfect! you guys did a great job with fitting in a theme and making a fun game which looks great... Nice job!

damn impressed by the art too.

music was great as well, the gameplay was a bit lacking but nonetheless polished for a 72-hour work, so, yeah, nice work guys!

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah in the end we simply ran out of time to get anymore content in, so just had to settle with what was there and polish it.
One more day! And there could easily be a sprawling brawling level, but that is always the case isn't it!