Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


i like the art style, but the gameplay as of now is really imbalanced. the ground insects are too easy to take on, the flying insects are too hardy. need to balance that. otherwise, good job.

MrRandomist responds:

we balanced it more, and we will keep trying to do so based on feedback!


I like these evolution games and it kept me entertain. Kill, eat, evolve, repeat. Alright game nonetheless.

MrRandomist responds:

maybe we need to add a rinse?

~ A good game with a nice plot

The game had a good plot.
I liked the story that was going on it really gave me the feel i was killing bugs for the sake of the story.
It was a fun game but it should have been able to upgrade your bug and you should have made an auto eat option.
Also the keys werent really good placed I would suggest using left shift to eat and the arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot.
But all in one its a fun game!

Keep on the good work you'll make even better games later on im sure of it ;)

MrRandomist responds:

glad someone liked the plot ;)
if we where to do a sequel we'd probably add those two things, maybe an upgrade tree like mentioned awhile ago....
but instead of using the shift key which is quite tedious at time i would rater use the E for Eat!

not too bad...

till the very ending the game was very easy. the last boss would have been much harder if i was not standing right next to the entrance where it entered. B/W was fitting for the game. music played well into the game as a whole.

a few points where i would have liked to seen improvement (i understand this was a 72 challenge, and in that respect the game is a good game)

1 .choices of what to evolve into (flight of multi shot)

2. a bit bigger (either you defend for x time, then move to a new area, or when you evolve, you change to another level)

enjoyed the medals tossed into the game. 8/10 and 4/5 overall! good game! great for the time constraints.

MrRandomist responds:

we would have loved to have expanded the game into this crazy awesome game, with the stuff mentioned above, maybe one day?

F******g Bugs! :p
Nice game,good! ;)