Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

A bit difficult.

Maybe make it so you can hold the space bar instead of tap it? Would make it alot easier to eat, shoot, and move at the same time. Didn't notice the grasshoppers on the side of it the first time. Good game, just difficult. :P

MrRandomist responds:

we just updated the game again fixing some uneven glitches and gameplay tweaks that may result in a better experience and being able to win, please do try again :D

as i mentioned below we may do something with the spacebar, it is a though choice and may only do it due to popular demand!

Very goood.

I really like the game, but having to tap the space bar and go back to the mouse makes it hard, atleast on my laptop. Good game though.

MrRandomist responds:

thats kinda part of the challange :D
but we understand that this is an issue for laptops, although it will become SUPER easy for PC users we may do a fix in the future though if it is requested more!

Pretty Damn Good.

I liked the Art style, as well as the Idea. It was actually sort of addicting.

Well Done.

PS: I love your choice in music.


MrRandomist responds:

thanks we try to create it as atmospheric as possible ;) and im glad you thought it was addicting!

Oh Great!!!

I enjoyed it much! Wow I love the graphicstyle. And the Flyingbutfoe is really the best Foe in Game! Yeah

Good Effort for this!

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Great job!!

you guys really did a great job!! and the amount of detail in the drawings is amazing!

MrRandomist responds:

thanks for the review, kembry is the one who did a spectacular job on the style, i merely just followed his steps!