Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Same problem as some other people

when the boss comes, I just pan to the center of the pile. Cool game otherwise.

MrRandomist responds:

That should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvience...


I don't know why but a lot of submission are made in 3 days , why ?
This game is nicely built , the big boss is too much easy , the evolution system is a great idea you must keep it and improve you hold the "thing"
It was a pleasure to play your game.

MrRandomist responds:

thank you, the reason there are so many games made in 3 days is because of the game jam, where you make a game in 72 hours!


It was fun for the first few seconds, just seems really repeatitive. I would've like to been able to jump.

MrRandomist responds:

you can jump after an upgrade! when you become a bug....

same bug as the guy below

big boss guy came when i was one evolution off the end, bit guy with a tank like gun. I still had half my health but then it just panned slightly up and in the middle and I couldn't do anything, nothing was happening or anything, I saw the background you see while playing the game and that was it. I'm a sucker for games where you evolve, would have liked choice as to how you could evolve but it was kind of cool all the same, I like seeing the physical changes. Pretty cool, ti was short, easy and the graphics were alright as well, hammering space was a bit annoying but bearable and the game was short enough so it didn't get too boring. Not very challenging though has to be said.

MrRandomist responds:

haha, well it looks like we made it too easy now!
for some reason in the recent compile this glitch popped up, we'll try and fix it asap sorry about that!
as for more variations ect that would be really cool but we didnt have much time for the 72 game jam, maybe next time :D

Not a bad game

Crashed when I got this huge monster come at me. Just went to a picture of the top of the middle section. Had the three shooter.

And +1 for the hold spacebar down. It's loud and annoying. Won't play again until that gets fixed. Great game for three days though.

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks, looks like we may get the spacebar fixed ill talk to the programmer about it! and we'll try and get that final boss glitch fixed, it seems to have popped up in the recent compile so how...