Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Needs improvement

I can see how spamming space to chow down seems like a logical decision, but it isn't a fun decision. At the very least it should have been easier to eat smaller things.
The graphics were also interesting yet detract from the game. It looks good, but it's hard to tell what's what. I couldn't tell the bugs from the nest from the corpses.
It does remind me of EVO, but the "spam space" thing really sets it apart, changing the game from "difficult" to "tedious."

MrRandomist responds:

yes, i guess it was the logical decision, but not the smartest one i guess we can always improve next time :D


It's a nice idea and there's a lot of potential, but you have a lot of improvements to do as well.

1. The badges don't give any points. That's sad and sucks.
2. There's the already mentioned freeze, when the boss reaches the eggs.
3. It's much too short.
4. The eating of your killed enemies doesn't work properly every time, I think.

If you manage to make it more extensive and fix the bugs, this will be quite popular for sure! More bosses, more enemies, more waves in general. And of course more mutations and upgrades.

Keep up the work!

MrRandomist responds:

1. its not up to us, but newgrounds itself we just have to wait for approval :(
2. it should be fixed, should be....

thanks, im hoping some of the reviews will turn over our other artist in making a sequel....

Not bad

agree with bothmyballs, i dont understand what happens when you die, fix that. Besides that it was fun evolving

MrRandomist responds:

That should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvience...

Not Bad though...

I thought the evo system was just going to be press space once he eats get points, and carry on fighting not me spamming the space bar. Apart from that not bad, also colour would be nice.

MrRandomist responds:

thats the style, black and white with a tad of red ;)

final boss

i dont know if it dies or what but it just goes to a picture of the eggs and the music still plays

MrRandomist responds:

That should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvience...