Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Nice game, man!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the bugs we play as annoyed the lion, so he convinced (with a gun) the other bugs to attack us (?). Kudos on a good game, I fought a huge bug that took 10 shots to kill, so I'm assuming that's the last boss, but it was pretty anticlimatic. Very very good concept though.Could you add a minimap to see where the waves are coming from?
Other than that, very good. 9/10 4/5

MrRandomist responds:

the lion hates bugs, so he goes to some other hives bugs to go destroy another one, and does this by threatening with a gun...its quite strange but we had to have a lion shooting bugs somewhere...stupid theme really....

a mini map or an alert system would be awesome! definitely a cool feature in my opinion, but i dont know if we'll ever be doing a sequel....

What's with all these fucking bugs?!?

cool game with a nice concept. it was a really fun game. the only problem I have with it is whenever the big bug comes and starts to eat on the eggs, the game freezes. all the game does at this point is show a close up of the egg pile and thats it. I can't submit my score or anything. I'm forsed to restart the game at this point. but it is a very well done game for only being done in 72 hours. please fix this bug. but other then that, cheers on a great game XD

MrRandomist responds:

the bug is fixed its just in a 24/48 hour approval stage, should be live soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

A Tad Buggy

This is a good run 'n' gun shooter, I like the concept of evolving as you destroy your enemies and eat them, but tapping the spacebar to eat your enemies is a bit annoying to do, and the game froze out on me after I beat that one huge bug (end boss?).

MrRandomist responds:

yes there should be an update coming along shortly! its in approval so you'll have to wait 24/48 hrs....

Fun game!

Wow.. this was a lot of fun even though it's still a bit "buggy" (I know, sorry!). I hit the boss bug glitch like the others but see that that's since been fixed.

- I love the mutation idea!
- The artwork and animation is perfect
- The music is superb

- The intro didn't seem to match the game. Maybe I'm just missing it but I'm not seeing where the lion fits in
- It's not immediately obvious when your bug is eating the corpses and the "hit space" message seemed to light up sometimes when I wasn't close enough. So sometimes I'd be sitting there with nothing happen... move over slightly and I'd immediately eat the bugs. Maybe having a bar that fills up for each individual corpse eaten?
- It's too short!! This game is so much fun.... keep it going :-)

Summary: Great game guys... this is my favorite so far from the gamejam!

MrRandomist responds:

its not fixed just yet i dont think its in a 24/48 hr approval stage, so as soon as thats done its live and ready to rock!

the lions really dont fit in its just part of the theme we received for the 72 hr game jam....lions shooting evil bugs, we tried to remove the lions as much as possible and keep it 'buggy' :P
thats a great idea for the dead corpses....maybe a sequel is needed (pm kembry and convince him)

Ha! I beat it!

The game was very well done. The level up system was very innovative. However, plot was a little vague in the beginning and there was a glitch with the giant bug at the end where every time it hits your base a couple of times, it freezes the game onto the hive. I found out you have to kill it before then ;). Overall, still a pretty fun game, the glitch just made it that much more challenging!

MrRandomist responds:

well done! i looked at you medals just to make sure ;)

the plot was very vague and also restricting, because of our game jam theme we had to comply with it made us have to implement lions shooting evil bugs which made it a headache to work around story wise....