Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Something's not right here.....

I'm not sure why, but I can't "press space" to eat the corpses, and all I have to do is press Z and the bug evolves! I just press Z five times and win the game.

The only things that I can comment on are the graphics and the music.
I want to rate it fairly, but I cannot if the game is not working properly. Sorry.

MrRandomist responds:

you have to press space multiple time (just spam it) and you then eat it...
as for z lets just call it a gift from the programmer (a very forgetful one) :D

Great but room for more

The game was fun and the concept is good, but adding some different kind of weapons and perks (like flying maybe) would make it even better.
The ending was just a quick cut to the end, I didn't even see the boss die. A quick shot of him going down or something would make the ending a little more satisfying.

MrRandomist responds:

definitely! but as you should know we completely ran out of time, and as it is we had 22 hrs left to make this engine, which was quite bugged....maybe next time :D

Very nice!

Lovely game, but...

Due to different keyboard layout, I pressed W where MY W is ... and I evolved. Huh?

MrRandomist responds:

you pressed z :P its a little erm well ill call it a glitch ;)

Stiff yet...

Stiff controls yet the need to evolve was to much, this made me finish the game, you could make an improved sequel with possible evolution trees that could work of 3 stats eg armor speed and attack, maybe the view could move out as you grow to allow a better view and bigger enemies. cor now that would be a good game :)
my thoughts on it now though is just that the eating was stiff and the speed was ill.

MrRandomist responds:

too true, those things are definitely an issue....and the evolution tree is genius but a sequel is not bright atm, contact kembry our artist (pm) and try and convince him ;)


brilliant game love the idea of the evolution your on to a amazing game please bring out a sequeal

MrRandomist responds:

contact kembry our other artist and pm him asking for a sequel, theres no convincing me :D