Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


No color, Takes forever to get past the opening "slideshow", after the "slideshow" is over a very disappointing game, takes forever for enemies to appear, not very challenging, short, all in all not very good sorry man. Add some color and a little better programming and you might have a decent game i like the devoring and evolving part but without the rest of the game being good that alone cant save you. And the devour/evolve aspect is the only reason you got a 1 instead of zero. try again man ur almost there

MrRandomist responds:

:( oh well.

you tried

but this game is way too short,no color,no...really,anything

space space space

i don't usually mind when stories don't make sense but it seems like lions were a big part of this and.... well i'm not a lion shooting bugs.... i'm a bug... killng bugs? i dono if i just didn't get far enough in the game to see a lion cause i have to play this on my laptop and that just makes this game near impossible... overall though, besides the story, i really enjoyed the evolution thing that was awesome

MrRandomist responds:

well the story is.....we didnt like lions, we just wanted bugs so we compromised and pushed the lions out of the 'theme' as much as possible....and what its really about is a lion gets pissed off and goes to a colony of bugs to go destroy another one otherwise he'll destroy that colony (its very messed up but with limited sleep it made more sense....) think of it as a shoddy japanese cartoon!


i broke the square button

MrRandomist responds:

:O your mum is gonna be soooo angry!


Very simple game. Good for wasting a few minutes of time. Not a great game, but decent. A few additions could make this a great game though.
Levels would make it longer and give a feeling of accomplishment when you win.
Different skill/growth trees. Let the player chose from more than one evolutionary path to follow.
Pretty good for a 72 hour game. Just expand upon it and it will shine.

MrRandomist responds:

yes, we actually did the game in 22 hours, so any big features where a no-no....because we compromised and changed the game idea, but what you state are great things to add in a sequel!