Reviews for "They Came From Nam"

Burning giraffes blasting paper planes

It was pretty good for the time limit it was made in. Everything that ive thought of that could be better though has been listed in other reviews, so i wont say much. What i will say though is the first boss having a 1-shot kill is a tad too much. I think maybe not having other paper planes fly by while the boss fight is happening would make it a little easier, even with the 1-shot kill. Otherwise youre too focused on killing the smaller planes while still trying to kill the boss, which makes it too much. Other than that though, it was nicely done.

Manly-Chicken responds:

It's supposed to be really hard...

Execution could have been better

For a game jam game, it somehow still gives the feeling that this flash was mish-mashed together by some teenager with little thought or reasoning. It also didn't help that you put "Jesus" in the protagonist's name. (I'm agnostic btw)

But I sat on it and thought about it. While not the most original idea ever, you did what you could given your theme. Though one could easily argue you flip-flopped the paper airplanes with the burning giraffes. Overall, the style of the game, from the rock music (suggestably composed originally) to the red bandanna to the flaming giraffe to the utter insanity of blasting paper airplanes from Nam fit together quite nicely.

When the day was done with, I discovered the game designing around getting a high score was pretty good, with exception to the fact that you regenerate health. I think how to score really high is something for people to discover for themselves. But proof that I'm not just spitting shit is that I'm sitting at 97k points on the leaderboard, while simply completing the game nets you 50k. AM I HIGHSCHOOL COMPARED TO NAM YET!?!?

Things I can complain about: the black planes always follow the same path. You seriously couldn't randomize them like all the other planes? And for level 3, it completely sucks balls getting fed 7 red planes in a row and then have a dozen blue ones appear on the other side of the screen (one of two times that I died). And before I forget, the size of the shot needed to take out blue planes is much smaller than the size of the enemy would suggest.

As the score is quite low, this game is a good example of good design in some regions, but very poor appeal in others (or bad instructions). And while you didn't win the hearts of the masses, you have won the hearts of the more knowledgeable people interested beyond the "how fun is it" factor. On that end, your 3rd place in the Game Jam is certainly merited.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for actually playing the game, and not dissmissing it because you can't find the mute button.


you done a good job on this, i know it's hard to make this shit, so this is pretty good for only 3 days. I like the graphics, it goes well with the music, like some old-school nintendo stuff, (or should i say atari? i don't know i'm fucking stupid) but anyway, i like all the work you done seems like a lot of effort, but i have one problem. the enemies can only be kiled with fully charged shots. it seems like nitpicking, but it's a bit of a handicap, because it takes pretty long to rapidly fire single shots (at least on my pc anyway). but either way decent work.

Manly-Chicken responds:

I put the charge shot in to reduce shot spamming, make the game harder, and cuz I'm a dick.

Tis fine

This game is okay, I guess. It's not bad...although, I think one level is fine for me. The controls are rather a handful...that's the only downfall with this game.

Overall, the game's okay, but it should have stuck to at least one level.

Manly-Chicken responds:

1 level = boring.

Nice, simple game. Fun and addicting :)