Reviews for "They Came From Nam"

Fun time sink with to little to do.

The game itself is fine, I feel like if you had a week to fully flesh this game out it would be something really cool deserving of a front page mention. Maybe some upgrades health pick ups or whatever.

For a 72 hour challenge this is just about what I would expect, just a bit above average I'd say. Not that I could do better.

The black birds are a bit ridiculous for a second level enemy, but whatever.

All and all this is a great game, and of the challenge games this is the only one I'd actually like to see fully fleshed out at some point. Good job.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for breaking the bad review streak! :D

Not too Shabby

For a 3 day game It's not too shabby. Music's good and your completely insane concept Isn't that bad either.. Burning Giraffe shooting fire balls at paper air planes from Nam? I say Yes! Good job

Manly-Chicken responds:


not bad not bad at all

for a 72 hour game i say its good
like you said its a little tricky to get the hang of on your first try or two

if your planning on continuing this project may i recommend some other types of weapons. Also i recommend putting some sort of healing power-up or live system so one mistake doesn't ruin a good run.

like i said for a 72 hour game it is worthy of being a exceptional flash game and its probably better than anything i could make in 72 hours

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for the advice!

Good game

Good but the high score boards are not working. Not that 6112 is that good of a score anyway, but I only played it twice.

Manly-Chicken responds:

It only saves the top 10 scores. Yours wasn't high enough.

for 3 days

it was good. everything was, just it took forever for the fireballls to shoot and they planes had a lot of lives

Manly-Chicken responds: