Reviews for "They Came From Nam"

Thought I got the hang of it...

Died on that damn "stapler?" level 2 boss! I wasn't even close to the beam but my neck was so one hit kill!

Nothing I hate more than getting one hit from a boss and dying.

Plus it seems to have a weird glitch if you get frustrated (which I kind of did on those stealth planes!) to click the mouse repeatedly. This causes some kind of auto fire and it doesn't stop till it dies! I guess the point is to charge the beam but if it glitches your boned since even normal guys take at least 4 hits with a weak fireball.

Other than that not a terrible game made in just a few hours. Could have used another weapon or maybe an upgrade though (spread shot!)

Manly-Chicken responds:

Update flash.

Too hard.

The biggest set back in the game is the difficulty (at least for me.) The way the game showed the concept given is great, funny, absurd but the difficulty hinders it. I wouldn't mind how hard the game is if it had more powerups rather than just the normal charge bar, i found myself charging every other time (not including the stealth planes.) The way the life bar was shown is very creative (by the flame coming out of the giraffe to show the anger he has) the story was creative along with some of the content but the difficulty just threw me off.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Yeah, sometimes it's hard to judge difficulty if you've played your game 50000 times... (But NonPlusUltra managed to beat it with no deaths)


Woah, this is definitly the most random game that I have ever played for the NG Game Jams. I had to continually spit out fireballs (I think?) to get rid of the papers coming towards me. Even if I avoided them, they still came to me before they left the screen! Maybe you could just let them go, okay? Anyway, what was cool was that it was a pretty original idea, I mean who would ever think of a game where a giraffe was papercutted to death? I think this might have originally had the name "Giraffe".

The graphics are decent but the main problem is that it is just too dang hard! I fire my weapons at these papers and even the smallest ones take forever to kill! I do always look for uniqueness and you definitley delivered in that sense. It was nice to have so many people working on this. I have not heard of most of them, but you should always give anyone a try.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Try charging after every shot.

Boom !!! 3 Medals

I dont know what went wrong here.
I press a play button.
Game start and then they skip randomly.
This game end in 5 sec.
After that I just got 3 medals without playing haha :P

Once I refresh,all seem normal except its a little lag and I've got medals.
This game just in the "alright" score for me.
I think because "Pixel-arts" style, its hard to see the level.
Your rapid shot too weak. Even on a 1st level enemy wont down after about 3-5 rapid shot.
That made this game too difficult for me.

PS.sorry for my bad English :)

Manly-Chicken responds:

Charge shots are crucial against all enemies.
ALSO: Update your flash player.

Mmm... not bad

Need HP Bar o_O

Manly-Chicken responds:

It's how on fire you are.