Reviews for "Shark Antennas Co."


The game is really cool. I loved the menu and the buttons. The graphics are really smooth and high quality. I enjoyed how you have frictions beetween winds and the shark goes in the wind direction. Also the energy from the friction going through the chopper was really realitic! I liked that you made a node map for the missions. The music matched a lot! There is just a bug when replaying missions. Nice job mate! Oh also nice job Funandmore!

MonoFlauta responds:

Bug fixed :) Thanks for telling me :)

cool game

great work, i would really like to see and expanded version with, the graphics you didnt get to fully implement and complete gameplay adjustment and tweaks to really bring this game to its prime, great idea great work well done!

MonoFlauta responds:

mmm maybe a second part would be a really good idea :P we will see, thanks for reviewing :)


Way too easy, way to short, but the fact that ITS A FUCKING COW THROWING FUCKING SHARKS OUT A FUCKING HELICOPTER TO CONNECT WITH THE FUCKING INTERNET makes it awesome. Very awesome.

MonoFlauta responds:

combat cow?! you are the pilot?! lol, glad you like it :P


I think the fact that you made a game based off a random name generator is an epic idea. I laughed through the whole thing :)

Nice work fellas!

MonoFlauta responds:

great, thanks a lot for the review! :)

Nice game

Nice game with a fun concept and good medals.

MonoFlauta responds:

Great, glad you liked the game :)