Reviews for "Shark Antennas Co."

Please fix your game

I saw there was medals, so I logged in to try and get the medals, but to my dismay It didnt play! It just gave me the 100% screen (after the explosion) and nothing happened! The add still played and everything, but the game did not start! The lack of a play button made it impossible for me to do anything. I tried refreshing, no luck. Tried going to front page and going back, no dice. Tried restarting browser, nada. Please fix your game.

But from what I saw in the game, seems pretty nice. I hope to play more in the future.

(FYI I havent voted on it yet because I havent experienced the game, but if you could fix it id be sure to play and vote correctly ;)

MonoFlauta responds:

Will be fixed in less than a day, wait for newgrounds approve the update!
Thanks for the review

That was weird

I could have sworn that those things were dolphins and not sharks. Whatever they were, it was a little hard to keep up because it was just so amazingly zany! This third game jam has certainly given us some of the craziest stuff on Newgrounds! It was fun to get the medals, because the only ones I was able to get were the secret ones! I should not spoil how to get them as the player should get them as easily as I did. The weirdest thing was the horse that randomly appeared when there was a high wind blowing.

It was funny to see the shark get cut up when it hit the ground. I don't know why falling on the ground would cause a shark to be split in half so evenly like that. Then again, I should not try to apply logic to a game like this. It would have been nicer if the instructions had been more clear as in put into the game. This is an amusing thing to play.

MonoFlauta responds:

Mmm yes thanks for the advice, SECRET: we will make a Gold Version of this game in af uture, i will use your idea of the instructions for the ingame :P


Fairly fun game, bus wasn't very engaging.

MonoFlauta responds:

Well... something is something, thanks

Can't play again?

When you refresh the page, as said below, you only get a "100% loaded" message and nothing happens. just the add and the 100% message.

MonoFlauta responds:

for me works, and why you do that anyway? you dont need that, but well, for me works anyway :S I guess anyway that is not motive for a 1, if you wanted to play it again should be a good game more than 1

It's certainly a game

Would've been better if the hit detection for the sharks hadn't been so whacked.

MonoFlauta responds:

its fine, its just you have to really hit the house, I mean, full contact, but well, thanks for reviewing :)