Reviews for "Shark Antennas Co."


1. submit highscore
2. throw all sharks in houses without miss(recomended level 1)
3. complete the game
4. hit a house for first time
5. read instructions
6. and 7. at authors click on both images
8. throw a shark and miss
9. hit a mailbox
10. hit the steet lamp

MonoFlauta responds:

oh, glad you like it but please, dont tell them :(

Probably more my fault then yours

Fun game but the controls stick. A lot of games here tend to stick so it may be my fault since I play from a laptop but I would press the space bar to throw the sharks out and 50% of the time it would stick and I'd throw all my sharks at once :/

Please fix if you can!

MonoFlauta responds:

oh sorry, its the keyboard then, in the script got a block thing that takes like 1/8 of second or a bit more to throw the shark again, this give you time to realease the space and don't shoot 2 sharks at once, probably the space bar is getting stucked or sometihng like that :S sorry i cant really change that because if i make it slower will take a lot of time to shoot and people would get desesperate u.u try playing it from another computer, and sorry i apologize :S

not that great

silly premise, but this game was simply not that much fun. Some levels gave you way less time and few houses, which I felt was a poor choice. In your future games, you should have the same score potential for every level, and simply make it more difficult to attain that score as you progress through the game. Also, the game was short and I now hate flagpoles. As a final note, I read your instructions and your English was terrible.

MonoFlauta responds:

well, its another opinion, thanks for the review, we would like to make better the next version :)


Way too easy, way to short, but the fact that ITS A FUCKING COW THROWING FUCKING SHARKS OUT A FUCKING HELICOPTER TO CONNECT WITH THE FUCKING INTERNET makes it awesome. Very awesome.

MonoFlauta responds:

combat cow?! you are the pilot?! lol, glad you like it :P

Like it

Nicr game! I got almost all the hidden medals :D :D. 10/10 5/5 :D :D

MonoFlauta responds:

awesome! glad you like it :) and keep searching for them, the true is that they aren't very difficult