Reviews for "Shark Antennas Co."

A little too easy....

I liked it, but the stage pass rate was what, 1 house? You could have made the game a little harder, but awesome idea over all! Who knew that cows, the internet, and sharks all have things in common?

MonoFlauta responds:

ha, glad you like it :)


when i refreshed the page it said 100% but no play button.
But very good game
nice job in 72 hours

MonoFlauta responds:

it doesnt have a play button, it automatically start, or i am missing something? please give me more details so i can fix it :)

Reminds me of the game Paperboy...

...After smoking crack.

MonoFlauta responds:

Ha, a bit similar, but, i hope this one is a lot more different and better :P

get us an expanded version!

this game be crazy, it's so rad, dem sharks are the awesomesauce.

MonoFlauta responds:

Ha! i will see if there is an expanded version :P i have to talk with funandmore :) thanks for reviewing


also i cant help thinking they had the hardest idea to put to a game

(cows connecting sharks) they pulled it off

MonoFlauta responds:

flying sharks! lol