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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

that was AMAZING

you dude that was the best game i have ever play :D the story was awesome man it me want to play it all day long i hope you get you reward lol because this is be far the best rpg game i play over here excellent job on it dude

Muja responds:

Ehy, thank you!!! And once again, I'm truly happy that you liked my game AND my story! :-D

Awesome Game

why not make it so you can counter a combo and stop the combo so you can make your own... you can do that in street fighter

Muja responds:

Yeah, the counter is a very common move in SF games, and I really wanted to implement it in mine, too, but it resulted being a bit too hard.
Not the programming, I mean just coming up with a suitable idea was so hard I decided to think about it later, when I'll be a bit more experienced with this kind of games!

Thank you for your review!

Sarò impedito io...

Oh, tipo... riesco a bloccare anche il malocchio ma in svariati tentativi non son riuscito a connettere un singolo colpo.

Ho inteso che è un gran gioco e ti faccio i miei complimenti, ma al momento sembra che son troppo critino per capire quand'è che vanno premuti i tasti direzionali nella fase di attacco. Come hai detto al personaggio poco sotto, forse non ho ben capito il tutorial... ti do il massimo sulla fiducia e riproverò.


yoi, such... I can block even curses but in several try didn't manage to connect a single hit.

I clearly understand that thisi is my fault, anyway i saw enough to say u made a great game.

Muja responds:

Forse il problema sta nel momento o nel modo in cui premi i tasti - in pratica, devi premere UN TASTO SOLTANTO quando lo sfondo diventa scuro, secondo l'ordine indicato in alto a destra.
Se li stai premendo tutti di seguito all'inizio, o se stai facendo qualsiasi altra cosa diversa da quello che ho scritto prima, stai evidentemente sbagliando.

Ti ringrazio comunque per la fiducia e per il 10, e spero che tu riesca a far funzionare il gioco così te lo puoi giocare per bene! ^_^

I'll translate it in english, too, so that if somebody has your same problem this could be of help.
I'm going to explain how to attack correctly: basically, when the background goes dark, you must press ONLY ONE ARROW KEY as in the order shown on the top left corner of the screen.
If you're pressing them all at the beginning, or if you're doing anything different from what I wrote before, then you're doing it wrong!

It all ends as it begins, brillant

Aaah! Muja I was waiting for this, and you definitely didn't disappoint me man!
Akuma took a lot of time in hard mode, but I managed to get him... ;)
Great conclusion, I will be looking for sequels and other games from you!


Muja responds:

I'm glad the game met your expectations! Thank you for the support! ^_^


I am beyond words with this game....it's indescribably GOOD! I've been playing this since the demo, and it always keeps me playing for a good 2-3 hours! At that, the only reason i stop is because of my responsibilities as a high school student in the tenth grade. Heck, all your games grab my time by the throat, but this one is by far the best.

You're awesome man. Keep at it!

Muja responds:

Wow, a fan!! :-D
Thank you for all your kind words and your review!