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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"


MAN like 1 hour loading, and it deserved it!! I LOVED THIS GAME!!! it has a awesome storyline, really!, i love the upgrades, BUT, you could make another in were you could upgrade STRANTH xD! it should be cool, it was really hard to beat vega man u_u i was like 5 hours playing aniway, its a long and really entertaining game, sorry for my english, im argentinian U.U

Muja responds:

Ahaha hey, thank you so much!

I thought about a strenght stat, too, but then I gave up on that because you already have the "combo" stat, which allows you to learn new, stronger attacks, so ti basically works the same.

Thank you for your review!

Great game!

I had an awesome time playing it. Great story and controls, it was really easy to get in to. I can't beat Akuma though, he's too hard xD Looking forward to the sequel :D

Muja responds:

Thank you!!
If you want some tip on how to defeat Akuma, try to read the older reviews of this game... Some nice users gave a lot of interesting suggestions!


awesome game . the secret match was great , but the opponent was a joke . should have been m. bison

Muja responds:

Thank you!!
And what do you mean, Akuma's a joke??? Are YOU joking???
Akuma is the one who killed Bison in the canon storyline!! o_O

What a game!!!

That game is Awesome!
The commands are a bit tricky some times specially the ShoryuReppa. By the way, That special have 5 arrow as sequency but the time stops 4 times only and most of the times the last hit is dodged or simply don't cause any damage but this is an issue only and the quality of the game isn't reduced because of it!!
A great game dude !!!!!
A masterpiece from beginning to the epilogue!!
Hope you keep up the good work and make an Sequel for this one!
It woud be Welcome that's for sure!!

Muja responds:

Mmmm, I thought I had fixed the Shoryu Reppa just like I did with all the other attacks, but if you say so then it's probably true, I'll have to go and chek it!
But thank you for your kind review! I'm happy you liked my game that much! ^_^

Great game, but i have a problem with the music overlapping and not stoping. Can you fix this?

Muja responds:

Oh yeah, that's a bug that happens only in the battle with Vega and only if you watched the precedent scene entirely.
To avoid that, SKIP the scene before the battle. That should fix it.

I'd like to fix the bug in person, but I lost the original file of this game, so...

Well, thank you for your review and your compliments!