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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

it´s a great masterpiece of all your hard work.

This is Rockerfreak, I´ve already judged the demo versions before, and the whole game is just epic. even though I only finished the game on easy, it was awesome. and in the end I even knew to defeat Akuma and Gen,
but those two were a great test for my skills, Akuma was because of the tactics required to defeat him. for the players that can´t beat him, I noticed that he never recharges his guard as far as I have seen, so that might be his weakness.
Gen was very hard because you can hardly see where he´s going to attack, causing to be fallen back badly, but there you control Akuma, so that might compromise it a little bit.
if I have to judge it technically, I´m impressed by the new pictures of Ryu, Ken and Gouken. and I didn't notice bugs yet after my first play. graphic and sprite skills are very well made. the music was good, but I only noticed that some of those music parts were cut in half or something. and some were removed, even though others were added. the animations work very well.
I also noticed you gave extra attacks to Sagat and Sakura, and maybe other characters too. well done, and you also have to fight the satsu-no-hadou, also known as evil ryu. which is also well done.
I forgot to say one thing, fight are indeed getting harder and harder over time, and that's also a mayor plus to me.

to make things short, this game is most definitely one of the best I've ever played, I'm so impressed actually that I completely forget about the music that I thought could be better sometimes.

but enough babbling for me, let's give me the end mark, a 10/10 and a 5/5.

Muja responds:

Wow, I see you really studied my game! I'm impressed! o_O
Yes, I had to change the music files with new, shorter ones, so that the game's size would not be too big (and it's still about 20 MB... very big game, uh?)

Thank you for the review!!


at first i was like: it might be cool but then i said AWESOME!

Muja responds:

Thank you! Really glad you liked my game! ^_^

Awesome man

This is great, and to beat Akuma you just got to use your brain for a bit, theres a way to kill weak foes and other for the strong foes, btw if any1 knows a way to unlock the last 2 Akuma's skills please let me know as hes my favorite char, a tournament mode of this would be great if you could use more chars, and please make a sequel, and if you wana make one with Akuma as main Antihero it would be a BLAST

Muja responds:

Of course I KNOW how to unlock Akuma's two super arts. (shame on me if I didn't).
I will tell you that Akuma's stats and combos depend on those of both Ryu and Ken.. so just play with'em a little. ;)

I agree that a game with Akuma as the main protagonist woud be great! I'd play a game like that, too! But... I guess I'm not the one who'll be making that game, I'm sorry. :(
I just want to try something new.

Thank you for your review! ;)


awesome,i dont say this much,so cherish it.....MAKE A SEQUEL!also i that i was better with ken than ryu but later on when i got utterly defeated by kens assassain 70 times i figured out i was better with ryu.and i hate when ur person loses all saness inside him and yells aggguuuuuuu and leevs himself wide open if u do make a 2nd make it without that

Muja responds:

That's when your character gets stunned, and if it didn't happen, then you could defend forever... And that would be unfair, and in the end, boring.
But I'm glad you liked my game! Thank you!

But I thought you were making a sequel ??? in response to shawdow357

Muja responds:

I'm not working on this project anymore, nor I think I'll do it in the future. Sorry to tell you that :(
But thank you for your review!