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Reviews for "Duplicator"

Pretty good.

A few of the levels made me scratch my head for a little bit but I made it through ok in the end. Everything about it was really interesting, but I wanna know why light destroys your duplicates. I'd love most of all to get my hands on the music track you used though.

Musics omg

The thing I truly love about the game is the music choice. I agree, I suck and I cant get passed the first few levels, might be because its 2 am and I'm tired as balls. But the music choice is breathtaking |D

Needs little more work

The game kinda reminds me of Super Meat Boy even though it has different style. However, atmosphere is nicely done and i find controls unique. The graphics are really good and it's a good and interesting game. And i also like black and white style. Good job.

Excellent game

I love this kind of game

Not that bad but could be better...

the games design and atmosphere is very well made but the gameplay isn't much exciting