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Reviews for "Duplicator"


this game is fun but it just weird


Great game. I may suck at getting past the first few levels, but the music kept me relaxed while playing. Love to know who created this fine piece of music!


Awesome game!
Great gameplay :D
Who does the music? :)


Not a bad puzzle game. A few kinks that could be ironed out but overall this is one of the better recent submissions.

The logic behind the puzzles can sometimes be hard to get behind. Why would a light that normally stays on when the power is off stay off once you remove the box from the switch?

The jumping is a bit rough but not terrible.
Controlling the boxes felt awkward.

In the first elevator room it is possible to get stuck without knowing there is a way to reset, since the game only mentions the reset function on death. Kind of obvious but it could confuse someone.

The music fits the puzzle theme. Puzzle games tend to get a pass for repetitious music but a little variety couldn't hurt.

I would have liked to of heard more sound effects. Boxes being thrown, fireflies buzzing lightly, lights clicking on and off. Basically little details I feel wouldn't go amiss.

I couldn't really get into the black and white as it didn't seem important enough to the theme of the game to warrant it. That being said it was still decent looking and passable enough to play the game.

All in all the game is decent. The puzzles could use some tuning, the music a little variety, the platforming a little tightening, but at the end of the day this is a decent flash game.

I will say however that I am not a fan of the mochi advertisements.

Now that's cool

I like puzzle games that use simple yet incredibly deep mechanics, and functions beautifully for it. It was quite challenging towards the end! Also the music: awesome.

For a perfect 10, and this is just me being me, is a little more explanation WHY things work the way they do. Why can you duplicate things? Why does light destroy any duplicates? Why is your house so deadly? Why are you looking for your pet? And why, oh, why do televisions walk around, turn red and charge you if you jump in front of them?

Brilliant game overall. IMO needs a bit more story to it.