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Reviews for "Duplicator"

Quite good.

I enjoyed this game with its quirky but appealing art style, pleasant music, and imaginative gameplay. Not quite 'unique' but refreshing in its use of uncommonly-adopted elements.

As a few others, I cannot give this a perfect rating due to the grammatical...*roughness* of the messages.

(but please note that I'd still rate this game higher than many COMMERCIAL games that may have more polish, but less substance)


loner-ish... i like its concept. i hope there is a second one in the making with more multiple and innovative puzzles in one room.

Very enchanting

An empty, lonely, lovely world you've made here. Thank you!

Great game

This game is simply great! All of you that have bad hardware in your PC should not comment on this that there is no sound, and of a gray room! Game works perfectly keep up the good work!


This game is one of the best here!And the music...the music is so damn good,so peacful.Good job!